Pixel 4's Features Revealed In Latest Leaks

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The Google Pixel 4 will be receiving an all-new astrophotography mode, according to a newly leaked promotional video.

Google does appear to be going with a 90Hz display on the Pixel 4 this year.

Anhem TV might not be a household name internationally, but its one of the bigger channels in its native Vietnam where its videos regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views. A leak from earlier this morning mentioned that the Pixel 4 would use its Soli sensor to offer an ambient display of sorts that only turned on when the phone detected you were near it, and this could be another iteration of that. Last year, the Pixel 3 phones were announced on October 9th and they began shipping to customers in the U.S. and other markets nine days later. Most likely, one of these is the Pixel 4, of which one gets to observe a grainy look at head-on.

The orange Pixel 4 phone looks the same as the black and white model we've seen so we know it's legit. These actions are part of the quick gestures in the Motion Sense menu, as is the ability to silence interruptions (snooze an alarm or silence a phone call).

Google Pixel 4 might launch on October 15, new leaked video reveals key features
Google Pixel 4 Launch Date Tipped as October 15, Motion Sense Air Gestures Spotted in Leaked Video

Google has held a Pixel event every October since the introduction of the first-generation Pixel handset that replaced the Nexus line.

If Google is planning to unveil the Pixel 4 series devices in October, the company is expected to start teasing the launch and reveal the exact launch date soon. The user shared images of what are most likely two different models of the Pixel 4 -the standard variant and the Pixel 4 XL. Evan Blass' leaks seem pretty plausible given the current smartphone trend, but we'll have to wait until the launch event to get confirmed specs. As far as the price is concerned we are not really sure about the exact price at this time, however, analysts suggest that Google will probably keep the price lower than the top tier Apple and Samsung phone.

So the Pixel 4 XL's display is seemingly both smaller and higher resolution, though not by enough that you'll really notice. Those who dug the old penguin-themed Pixel 2 XL should like what they see here.

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