Brexit: Labour deputy Tom Watson calls for referendum ahead of election

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Acutely aware that the eurozone remains economically sluggish with sky-high unemployment, that tensions with the Polish, Romanian and Italian governments are growing and, in France's case, that its own privatisation project and attacks on workers' rights have led to widespread and incendiary resentment, some see Britain's never-ending Brexit saga as a source of further destabilisation they could do without.

"Let's fight it together, let's have a non-aggression pact and, if we do that, you will win a big, solid, safe majority"'.

MPs could be seen holding up signs marked "silenced" as Speaker of the House John Bercow oversaw the prorogation ceremony after Boris Johnson was defeated for the second time in less than a week in his attempt to trigger a snap election after the Queen's Speech in October.

Mr Corbyn told union members: "No-one can trust the word of a Prime Minister who is threatening to break the law to force through no-deal".

Instead, jobs, the health service, austerity and other issues might take precedence on polling day - just so long as the voters can be assured they can deal with Brexit separately and have the opportunity to repeat a Leave vote if they wish.

Brussels officials are wary of being used by Downing Street to give the Tory leader an advantage in a possible general election.

Opponents said the real reason was to shut down debate and challenges to his Brexit plans. But we won't allow Johnson to dictate the terms. "I don't accept it, and I don't agree with it".

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"I want to lead a Labour government that will bring people together, and a relationship with Europe, either in the European Union or an effective trading relationship with Europe, in which we have a dynamic relationship on regulations and rights so we don't become a Donald Trump island, on the edge of Europe, undermining the social advances that have been made".

Mr Corbyn recommitted to a second referendum on Brexit, which he said would include a "credible option to Leave" as well as Remain.

But the expectation is that some (at least) will end a flirtation with the Lib Dems, thinking Labour is best placed to defeat Boris Johnson and a hard Brexit, and form an alternative government.

"We have defeated the Government six times, we are united around the idea there should be a referendum on any outcome this Government puts forward, and that we should have a referendum in our manifesto, and that remain should be one of the options in that referendum".

And yet... Mr Johnson will need more than Brexit to really win over struggling communities who voted Leave.

The PM is expected on Tuesday to continue to campaign for the election he is yet to have any success in triggering.

First priority is to stop a no-deal Brexit before heading to an election.