Canada election campaign to kick off Wednesday

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Four years ago, Trudeau was on a plane headed for Vancouver when then-prime minister Stephen Harper asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament.

Programming note: During the campaign, iPolitics AM wrangler Kady O'Malley will be writing a daily newsletter for the Toronto Star.

Pollster Tim Powers says we can expect Canadian values to be among the hot topics, with Conservatives hoping to outline the litany of scandals the Trudeau government has weathered, and the Liberals raising red flags on Scheer's questionable record on LGBT issues.

Mr Trudeau and his main opponent, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, are in a dead heat according to national polls, but smaller parties on the right and left could also play key roles as spoilers or kingmakers on election day.

Trudeau fired two senior ministers - both women and one of them Canada's first Indigenous attorney general - for calling out the alleged meddling in a bid to try to save jobs in his home province.

In recent months, the Liberals have managed to claw back some of the lost support to make it a close race.

Trudeau won a majority government in 2015 with 184 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons.

"Canada has been a beacon and has tried to lead by example but it's really hard to lead by example when you are Canada and you are by yourself", said Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group.

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When it comes to Quebec's controversial Bill 21, which bans religious symbols in public service, Trudeau suggested for now he's content to let questions about whether that's in the public interest rest with the courts.

"You just can not trust Justin Trudeau", Scheer said.

"Over the next five weeks I will be explaining the reasons why Justin Trudeau has lost that authority and our alternative plan", he said.

He also says how as a child, he never imagined that someone who looked like him could one day run to be prime minister and now he has kids coming up to him saying they believe they can do anything.

Lights, camera, action: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finally ready for his close-up.

Justin Trudeau's decisive victory in 2015 restored his family to the national political stage and allowed Canadian voters to reclaim their country's liberal identity after almost a decade under Harper. There's a risk they could dip into minority territory and in that case, they may need to rely on the NDP to prop up the government.

"There's no climate emergency in this country", said the former Conservative MP and leadership runner-up, whose nascent party is running at about three per cent in the polls.