A rare 'Micro Harvest Moon' will appear this weekend

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A rare full moon will be visible in the night sky across the United States on Friday the 13th.

The moon will be at its full size on the East Coast at 12:33 a.m. Saturday, the 14th. This lunar event is so rare that it hasn't happened for almost 20 years.

If you live in the Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones, the moment the moon turns full will be the evening of Friday the 13th.

The next time a full moon will coincide with Friday the 13th will be August 13, 2049.

The "harvest moon", which is the full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox, is slated to appear in the sky on September 23.

However, the Harvest Moon is special in more ways than just being the closest full moon to fall. So in the days before the Harvest Moon, the moon will rise less than 27 minutes later each night providing more light to farmers after the sun sets.

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While the Harvest Moon comes every year to welcome fall into Canada, this Harvest Moon is considered to be rare, as it lands on the spooky date of Friday, September 13.

When is the Full Harvest Moon in September this year?

When viewed from Los Angeles, the Full Moon will peak around 9.32pm PDT.

Mr Rao said: "To add to this Full Moon "madness", this upcoming Full Moon very almost coincides with apogee - that point in its orbit which places it at its greatest distance from the Earth: 252,100 miles away".

The opposite of a micromoon is a "supermoon" when the the moon is at perigee, or at the closest point to the Earth in its orbit.

This harvest moon is also being called a "Micro Moon" because it looks smaller than usual, which will make this Harvest Moon slightly less bright than average, according to Forbes.