British PM Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament as his Brexit plans stall

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A tumultuous week in the House of Commons ended Monday night with the Queen proroguing Parliament until October 14 at Mr. Johnson's request after MPs would not give him the required consent to call an early election.

After their first meeting since Johnson became prime minister in July, the United Kingdom and Irish leaders said they'd had "a positive and constructive meeting", but there was no breakthrough on the issue of the Irish border, the main stumbling block to a Brexit deal.

The opposition accuses Prime Minister Boris Johnson of trying to stop lawmakers studying his Brexit plan.

Following the defeat, Mr Johnson said the Government would "press on with negotiating a deal while preparing to leave without one" ahead of the European Council summit on October 17.

Labour said all opposition leader who met with Jeremy Corbyn's on Monday had "agreed to work together to hold the Government to account in Parliament".

In exceptional scenes as the parliament shut down for five weeks, opposition Labour MPs waved signs reading "silenced", while one tried to restrain the speaker to prevent him leaving for the suspension ceremony. "I will not ask for another delay". Ministers have also hinted at a potential legal challenge against the law.

The opposition parties have shown a remarkable ability to come together to frustrate Boris Johnson in parliament but it will be different in an election and the Remain vote is likely to be split several ways.

Mr. Johnson took a tentative step toward starting negotiations on Monday during a meeting in Dublin with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

The setbacks continued for the prime minister when Bercow said he would stand down on October 31, if there was no election before then.

Bercow, known for his trademark roar of "Orderrrr!" announced Monday that he would step down at the close of business on October 31 after a decade in the speaker's post - a date deliberately chosen so that he would still be presiding as the deadline passed.

Mr Johnson is also due to meet key figures in NY this month during the annual general assembly of the United Nations.

The speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, criticized the move to suspend Parliament, as well.

House of Commons
MPs pack the Commons

The comments marked a change of tone, if not substance, for Johnson, who is accused by opponents of driving Britain at full-tilt toward a cliff-edge Brexit.

He made reference to the threat of "severe disruption for British and Irish people alike", and also said that some of the biggest issues surrounding Brexit- namely citizen's rights and the Irish border- had all been resolved in deals made by Teresa May, but which British Parliament had subsequently rejected.

But many MPs have rejected a no deal divorce and supported new legislation forcing Johnson to request a three-month delay if he fails to strike a deal.

BlackRock, a USA investment firm that manages US$6.8 trillion (RM23.4 trillion) of assets, said a no-deal Brexit or a referendum had become more plausible.

The bill's passage through parliament prompted anger from the government.

"I have one message that I want to land with you today, Leo, that is I want to find a deal, I want to get a deal", Johnson said.

Johnson booted them from the Conservative party.

Britain is now scheduled to leave the European Union on October 31 whether or not it has agreed a divorce deal with Brussels.

Johnson, a former journalist who derided the European Union and later became the face of the 2016 Vote Leave campaign, has repeatedly promised to deliver Brexit on October 31 and has said he will not countenance any delay.

The British leader wants the bloc to scrap a special provision in the deal agreed by May to keep the Northern Irish border open in all circumstances after Brexit, arguing "alternative arrangements" exist.

Although Bercow was praised by politicians, including ministers, he has been blamed for making life hard for both Theresa May's and Johnson's governments by allowing backbench MPs to seize control of the parliamentary order paper.

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