Major defeat for British PM as lawmakers seize Brexit agenda

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Addressing braying MPs immediately after the vote, in which the government was defeated 328 votes to 301, Johnson said he had no option but to move to call an early general election.

'And the result will be as per Peterborough and in Wales - they will result in a Lib/Lab Remain coalition and we will lose Brexit, and that's why I've said we need to have some sort of accommodation with them but we are not quite at that bridge yet'.

If lawmakers are granted control of the parliamentary business, they will seek on Wednesday to pass a law that would force Johnson to ask the European Union to delay Brexit for three months until January 31, 2020 unless he has a deal approved by parliament, or parliament agrees to a no-deal Brexit.

Corbyn added: 'I condemn the language the Prime Minister used when he talked a couple of "surrender bill".

Johnson's finance minister on Tuesday announced another £2 billion (2.2 billion euros, $2.4 billion) of funding to deal with Brexit, to be spent on boosting border guards and port infrastructure.

Asked by an opposition Labour lawmaker whether the government would abide by the rule of law if a bill passes which makes it illegal to leave without a deal, Johnson told parliament: "We will of course uphold the constitution and obey the law".

Corbyn accused the federal government on "hiding from scrutiny, hiding from the people and trying to hide us from their true intentions" as he questioned Johnson's progress in negotiations.

His stance has infuriated many longtime, prominent party members.

MPs are returning on Tuesday after summer recess and some are threatening to take control of Commons business to allow them to discuss proposed legislation to block a no-deal Brexit.

UK's Labour Party want rebel bill to pass before backing election
Mr Johnson was criticised for the remarks, with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying he was "demeaning" the office of Prime Minister.

If Benn's motion gets approved on Wednesday, Johnson warned, he would call a general election for a new Parliament.

In a challenge to the PM, Philip Hammond was reselected in Runnymede and Weybridge by executive members of the Conservative Association at a private meeting last night.

'I am going to support the Bill.

He also launched an excoriating attack on maverick No10 Brexit chief Dominic Cummings.

Former Cabinet minister Justine Greening pre-empted promised punishment from Number 10 for Tory rebels who side with the opposition as she said she will not stand as a Conservative candidate again. Leaked government documents predicted disruptions to the supply of medicine, decreased availability of fresh food and even potential fresh water shortages because of disruption to supplies of water treatment chemicals. Johnson says he doesn't want an election amid Brexit crisis and issued a rallying cry to lawmakers to back h.

Mr Gauke said he believed Mr Johnson was threatening a snap poll because he expected to lose the vote in the Commons.

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd today warned against taking action against "very valued colleagues who made a very different choice".

"The problem is not, if you like, whether the mechanism works, it's whether we've got the numbers tomorrow, and I think it will be tight".