Android 10 update stuck on the boot screen? You're not alone

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Did you run into any issues when installing the Android 10 update?

Better privacy is another major focus of the Android 10 update.

Test with the Android 10 privacy features: These include: Developers can consult the checklist of top privacy changes to get started, and review the privacy changes doc for more areas to test.

Not all apps support Dark Theme, but we expect more third-party apps to add support in the coming weeks. As soothing as this looks, Dark Theme can save battery on smartphones, which is a win-win.

Live Captions is yet another feature in Android 10.

However, it's an intriguing game to get as part of the main operating system - so go forth and find it (if you're a Pixel user that upgrades your OS the second a new version lands.).

Google made it rather a lot simpler to answer messages and emails simply by choosing from the advised responses.

Chat Experience: Most of us smartphone users like to chat by phone. While it's not the most eloquent of names, the feature could have a wonderfully positive effect. Android 10 takes it even further with Smart Reply. The feature basically captions all the videos, including the ones you record on the phone and TV shows and YouTube videos. It now works in popular messaging apps too and the underlying machine learning algorithms have been enhanced to provide action suggestions.

Google unveils Android 10
Android 10 comes to Google’s Pixel phones

You have greater control over where and when notifications will alert you.

There's also a simpler way to manage notifications just by pulling down the notification panel and scrolling to the bottom and select manage in the bottom left-hand corner. It's a very different style to the Flappy Wings-style games that have been included in the last few versions of the Android operating system.

Factory Images are now available for all Google Pixel smartphones. Digital Wellbeing now brings you Focus mode.

New changes indicate apps that scan for networks using location data will have better protection from snooping. With this new OS, users will get Nokia support. This means that an app can only access files in the specific app directory, keeping the rest of your data safe.

Sound Amplifier in Android 10 works as you count on. The company is introducing a new thing called Google Play System updates that will allow the company to deliver security patches directly to users from Google Play, without mobile carriers and phone makers being involved.

Not all screen-time is bad, but these days parents are so anxious about kids always being on their phone or tablet, that screen-time is all they can think about.

Regular users will have to wait for the update package of 1248.6 MB (1.2 GB) to download and 20-30 minutes for the update to happen. one must have a fully charged device before carrying out the update besides backing up the content on their phone.

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