MPs reject early general election in further blow to Boris Johnson

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The opposition parties have rejected supporting this until the Brexit extension bill has passed, which it likely will early next week, possibly Monday.

Jeremy Corbyn was presented with a "big girl's blouse" as he left his home on Thursday morning after remarks by Boris Johnson.

At Prime Minister's Questions, a parliamentary session when lawmakers get to quiz the British leader every Wednesday, Johnson used some choice language to attack Labour and try to rally his Conservatives after a bruising night on Tuesday.

But he said the party could not trust Mr Johnson and was "consulting about whether it's better to go long, therefore, rather than to go short".

Farage did however appear to offer an olive branch to the prime minister, saying that if a "non-aggression pact" were to be formed then "with a clear policy [at a general election], we'd be unstoppable".

Mark Drakeford said people are not prepared to "take assurances" from the PM that he would not pursue a no-deal Brexit if an election was called.

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Johnson plans to suspend Parliament at some point next week until October 14. On Wednesday, MPs blocked Mr Johnson's plan for an early election.

In a speech today, Mr Johnson will repeat his claim that the legislation is a "surrender Bill" and stress that he will not seek a delay to Brexit.

"And I don't fear Boris and his gang in an election".

However, his plans for an early election were thwarted, as hundreds of MPs abstained from the vote, meaning it did not gain the necessary two-thirds majority.

The Daily Mail calls Mr Corbyn's move "the final insult", adding the PM is now "in limbo, unwilling to ask for a Brexit extension and unable to force an election".

Mr Dhesi was met with an enthusiastic round of applause from MPs in the chamber.

The Liberal Democrats, the SNP and Labour have all said they will not vote in favour of the motion, which comes after MPs backed a bill to block a no-deal Brexit if a deal isn't reached with the EU.