Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in Close Race for 2020 Elections

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Elizabeth Warren, who drew a raucous reception. With crucial early states showing such close margins, there is no clear frontrunner as the Democratic primary heads into the fall of 2019.

Two of Democratic front-runner Joe Biden's presidential rivals suggested Sunday that he might not have what it takes to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. She told me she's still torn between two candidates - former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Joe Biden is standing at the second position with the support of 25 percent of voters and is trailing from Warren, who is leading the race with the support of 26 percent of voters.

On Saturday, in Manchester, with a crowd of around 5,000, that widespread support for Warren was on full display, with fans doing their best to outdo the noise made by Sanders' backers from just a few speakers earlier - not allowing Warren to speak for a full three minutes as they chanted her name and cheered. But Warren doesn't alarm them the way Sanders does. And things are likely to stay that way if Sanders' devoted band keeps the faith - and if Biden and Warren persuade Democrats that they can, indeed, throw the world's most inept meteorologist out of the White House.

Only six other candidates register at 2 percent or more.

"I will not be voting for him again".

"He is the best candidate to beat Trump", Tom Goins, a 67-year-old voter from Walpole, said of Biden.

"A lot of people think it'll be easy to beat [in 2020]", he reportedly said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) fell to third place with 19 percent support. In terms of age, Biden has courted seniors, whereas voters aged 18 to 29 prefer Sanders by 41 percent.

Biden was the first candidate to speak and focused his remarks on Trump, saying the president has "unleashed the deepest, darkest forces in this nation".

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Although centrist Clinton is problematic within progressive circles of the Democratic Party, she holds sway within its establishment and "would absolutely have influence over a number of delegates to [the Democratic party] convention", said Deb Kozikowski, the vice chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

And many of their Democratic rivals are of much younger generations.

The convention was also an opportunity for the candidates to flex their organizational strength in New Hampshire.

The open secret of Ms. Warren's campaign is that her big-money fund-raising through 2018 helped lay the foundation for her anti-big-money run for the presidency. "I get it. I get it", she said in her speech.

"I just think Biden is declining", Ryan said during a phone call. "I kind of see him as a grumpy old man".

What does Warren's rise in the polls mean for the campaign?

"Take multiple candidates, you can do that". One reporter asked whether they considered the Iowa caucuses a must-win event. If Iowa is not a must-win, what about New Hampshire? Senator Kamala Harris fell from 11% to 7%, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg remained steady with an unchanged 4%. Eight of 10 Warren supporters said the same about Sanders. But when the same voters were asked who they would make president with a "magic wand", 21% picked Warren, with Biden and Sanders getting 19% each.

Biden went on to say: "We stand up, and it comes with the territory".

He has also said he would not support Trump's US-Mexico-Canada trade pact that would replace Nafta, unless changes are made to its labour and environmental provisions, among others. Will she work to resurrect her criticism of Biden or does she believe that Elizabeth Warren is now her intended target?

"We weren't rude for you", she said.