Premier Horgan promises action after release of missing women inquiry report

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The commissioners held 24 hearings across Canada over the past two and a half years and heard from more than 2,000 witnesses, including family members of missing or murdered women, survivors of violence, experts and officials.

In 2015, a landmark Truth and Reconciliation report into the legacy of residential schools in Canada issued a damning verdict - that the policy amounted to "cultural genocide".

"There has been a direct attack on Indigenous women in Canada", she said.

Canada will increase its funding for women and girls' health around the world to $1.4 billion every year starting in 2023, with half of this money dedicated to sexual- and reproductive-health rights, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday.

They said police were slow to launch missing-persons investigations and quick to label unexplained deaths as drownings, suicides or drug overdoses, even when evidence suggested foul play.

The tragedy, Buller said, is a direct result of a "persistent and deliberate pattern of systemic racial and gendered human- and Indigenous-rights violations and abuses, perpetuated historically and maintained today by the Canadian state, created to displace Indigenous people from their lands, social structures and governments, and to eradicate their existence as nations, communities, families and individuals". The ceremony was attended by Trudeau, along with some of the hundreds of family members of those missing or murdered.

"We can't allow Prime Minister Trudeau to prance in here and offer good intentions", Phillip said.

"This", she said to a growing chorus of cheers and applause, "is genocide".

According to National Post, Trudeau has refrained from calling the deaths a genocide, when addressing the MMIWG report.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who was in London for a visit, said the incident was a "terrible act of violence". During the search, the police described the man as a tall white man wearing high visibility workwear.

Marion Buller, chief commissioner of the Canadian public inquiry, said people often think of genocide as the Holocaust or the mass killings in Africa and elsewhere.

She implores people to listen to the concerns of Indigenous women in the report because otherwise they will never understand what the experience is of being an Indigenous woman or girl.

The recommendations include calls for action on human rights, policing, the justice system, corrections, health care, education, media, social work and child welfare.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported 1,181 cases of murdered or missing indigenous women and girls from 1980 to 2012.

There are over 200 "calls for justice" in the report.

Amanda LeBlanc, interim chief and president of the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council, said she hopes to see more support for those who've been affected by violence and intergenerational trauma.

The way the rampant violence against the indigenous people had been ignored for decades is akin to the situation with the women - victims of sexual abuse in the West before the MeToo movement took off, she said. In 2014, the RCMP released a national overview and pegged the number of cases from between 1980 and 2012 at almost 1,200.

Horgan says the B.C. government is committed to learning from the stories, taking action and enacting change, adding that the report and its recommendations will be reviewed in detail. "It is a known fact that our Indigenous women and girls go missing and are murdered along these pipelines".