Popeyes solution to the chicken sandwich shortage? Bring your own bread

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Popeyes has come up with a convenient way for the chain's chicken sandwich fanatics to get their hands on the next best thing - they just have to bring their own bun. However, they are working to bring back the championed Popeyes chicken sandwich soon. The company is instead advising that visitors order their three-piece chicken tender and attempt to make something vaguely resembling a sandwich out of that.

Lines wrapped outside some Popeyes Chicken restaurants.

In a surprise few could have foreseen, it appears customers don't like being trolled by fast-food chains for no reason - especially after praising a brand for its new menu item.

The tweet includes an entire video promo of people ordering three tenders and putting them between their own buns they bring to the locations. It's basically The Sandwich!

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BYOB, in this case, stands for "bring your own bun".

"While we work to get the sandwich back in our restaurants, we wanted to offer our guests a fun way to satisfy their Popeyes sandwich cravings", a rep for Popeyes told CNN. Only no mayo. Or pickles.

As hungry customers around the country continue to lament the shortage of Popeye's new chicken sandwiches, the company suggested a life hack to help those who can't wait.

But alas, Popeyes sold out of its chicken sandwiches in just two weeks. "Really it's just three tenders." - was met with some virtual eyerolls, many of which were so profanity-laced we can not share them in this family publication.