Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is like Wii Fit for the Switch

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Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise game that plays like an RPG adventure, complete with roaming through environments and jumping into turn-based battles against fantastical foes.

Ring Fit Adventure can be adjusted to the player's level of skill, so even if players don't have experience with fitness, they can change the exercise intensity to suit their ability.

So instead of casting a Fire spell or swinging a sword, Ring Fit adventurers inflict damage by flexing the Fit-Con, performing squats, or executing a flawless warrior pose.

Based on Express Online's hands and legs-on experience with the game, Ring Fit Adventure has the feel of a fully-fledged albeit casual role-playing game, complete with sublime visuals, turn-based battles, multiple worlds and a levelling up system. Perhaps not exactly how you planned to make people smile, but you did it. Each enemy you encounter is weak to a certain type of exercise, so you'll need to switch it up to ensure that you're doing as much damage as possible.

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The game looks like a classic fantasy adventure where players control a hero that has to fight through enemies to save the land from a bodybuilder dragon.

In a seven-minute long video today, we're taken through a demo of Ring Fit Adventure and what kind of content players can expect. Actions in the game will require players to perform movements like running in place to, well, run.

In this explainer video released Thursday, Nintendo goes into detail about how the Ring-Con (the big hoop thing), leg strap, and game work together. We've got screenshots and lifestyle photos (a first) in the gallery below.