New iPhone could make history

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The XS Max can be equated to a "Plus" sized device, packing a supersized 6.5-inch OLED screen into a phone that is roughly the same size as Apple's previous Plus devices, which had 5.5-inch screens.

CEO Tim Cook showed off the Apple XS, which has a bigger screen (5.8 inch) than the one on last year's dramatically designed model, the iPhone X.

The iPhone Xs is the next generation in Apple's iPhone lineup, moving the line forward with the original iPhone X aesthetic. You're still getting a 12 megapixel camera, but you'll only have a single lens on this model. The Apple Watch Series 4 has received a much-needed upgrade in terms of design as well as a plethora of new features. Both the bold new color options and the potential "Xc" moniker echo Apple's lower-cost iPhone 5c handset from 2013.

AppleCare, a payment plan to cover iPhone repairs, was listed as being offered for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

There are also new AppleCare Packages included, though their details remain to be seen. As expected, the phones will now come with up to 512GB of storage, up from the 256GB max on last year's models. The iPhone XR comes in at a bit less, starting from $749 for a 64G device. On the top of the device is a notch which houses the front camera and the Face ID.

Does the iPhone XR have a new display?

This iPhone Xs will have IP68 water resistance, and it'll have a display that's extremely similar to its predecessor.

If the speculation proves true, the even-bigger iPhone expected to be revealed tomorrow would represent Apple's attempt to feed consumers' appetite for bigger screens as users increasingly stream video content and play games on their device.

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There's the same A12 Bionic processor and the same 12MP wide-angle camera from its big brothers - yes, there's just one rear-facer, but it offers numerous same features.

A new virtual SIM card, or eSIM, promises to make it easier to use the phone while traveling, allowing you to hop onto a new network without having to take out your regular SIM card.

If you are curious about this, be sure to head to the source link below and enter your Apple credentials.

Along with a pretty, sleek exterior, the new Apple Watch will also give you an OS that glimmers and glows. The SoC contains a six-core CPU, a quad-core GPU and an improved neural engine for image processing and facial recognition for FaceID.

How about a new operating system instead?

Pre-orders for the new phone will open on Friday, October 19 while the on-sale date will be October 26 here in the UK.

Does it still have wireless charging?

Like the XS and XS MAX, the XR has a new Depth Control slider feature that lets you adjust the depth-of-field in Portrait Mode photos after they're captured, going from maximum bokeh at f/1.8 to maximum depth-of-field at f/16.