Trump tweets Obama quote that never happened about economic performance

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President Donald Trump said growth in US gross domestic product was higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in over a century, though it's happened several times since 1948, according to historical data reviewed by Bloomberg News.

Gasparino was writing in response to a tweet from Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel.

Gasparino's tweet was referring to Trump's assertion that the GDP is now higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in "over 100 years".

Gasparino responded with a mix of snark and anger. The chief White House economic adviser said he wasn't sure how the error occurred but speculated that an adviser "added a zero" when conveying the information to the president. Yet it was 50 words about the media that undercut Obama's credibility with the absurd claim that he - unlike Trump - didn't "threaten the freedom of the press".

Despite Trump's incorrect tweet, both figures are good for Trump, with the GDP growth rate the highest in nearly four years and the unemployment rate the lowest it has been in nearly 18 years. Trump said Monday in a posting on Twitter.

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Trump tweeted Monday morning.

Hassett was also asked to provided clarification on a separate tweet from Trump in which he misquoted former President Barack Obama. But Obama has never said this, and during his presidency GDP exceeded 4.2 per cent on three separate occasions. "We will do MUCH better than this!"

"If you look at the collective body of evidence, the notion that what we're seeing right now is just a continuation of trends is not super defensible", Hassett said. "Like, from the initial fact to what the president said, I don't know the whole chain of command", Hassett said. What magic wand do you have?

But economists tell AFP the truth is closer to splitting the baby: neither president is exclusively responsible and yet both deserve some of the credit for an economic recovery that without a doubt began under Mr Obama.