Judge agrees to toss Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction

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He was found hanging in his cell on April 19, just days after being acquitted of double-murder charges in a separate case.

Susan Garsh said she was compelled to follow precedent in ordering that Hernandez's first-degree murder conviction be dismissed in the death of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd.

"I have won because I have god on my side", she said. She cited a report from prison officials that some inmates knew about a radio broadcast that speculated Hernandez may have been gay. "And I am obeying him".

A former National Football League player's murder sentence has been overturned - because he killed himself in jail before his appeal could be heard. "And that's the victory that I have (that) I'm going to take with me".

Prosecutors had argued that Hernandez forfeited his right to appeal when he made a "calculated" decision to take his own life.

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III said Tuesday that the legal doctrine that prompted Garsh to vacate Hernandez's conviction is "archaic".

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One of the most famous applications of abatement ab initio occurred in 2006, when a federal court vacated the fraud convictions against Ken Lay after the former Enron CEO died of a heart attack.

Baez also posted a statement to his Twitter account upon hearing the news of Hernandez's death. And such lawsuits often rely on a criminal conviction as their basis of facts. She described it as a "tragic act that had complex and myriad motives".

After the judge's decision an attorney for Lloyd's mother said the civil wrongful death case will proceed. Thompson argued that there is no other case in the history of the state of MA that would set a precedent for Aaron Hernandez's conviction to not be vacated.

John Salvi was convicted of murder in 1996 for opening fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Brookline, but his conviction was vacated when he committed suicide in prison before his appeal was heard.

In a motion filed before Tuesday's hearing, Thompson said documents including the state's death certificate and excerpts from a suicide note Hernandez wrote to his fiancee should be disregarded because they are irrelevant to the proceedings.

"By his suicide, the defendant waives his right to appeal", Quinn said Tuesday.