Riot Police Clash With Hong Kong Protestors As Airport Protest Tensions Rise

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Due to the pro-democracy protests that have been going on for some time now, Hong Kong (HK) International Airport has cancelled all flights in and out of HK on 12th August 2019, reported CNN.

Violence has escalated in Hong Kong's global airport as police moved into the terminal area where the demonstrators have shut down operations at the busy transport hub for two straight days.

By 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon, the airport authority announced again that all check-ins were suspended, advising the public to leave the terminal and not come to the airport.

On Monday more than 200 flights were cancelled and the airport was effectively shut down with no flights taking off or landing.

Airport officials warned of further protests and disruptions. Some protesters thrown bricks, eggs and flaming objects at police stations.

Following a police crackdown on protests elsewhere in the city over the weekend, the airport sit-in - which began on Friday and was meant to last three days - was briefly expanded, spilling over into the departures hall, but then seemed to tail off. Hong Kong's stockmarket fell to a seven-month low on Tuesday.

The demonstrators have accused police of causing the injury by firing a bean-bag round, and cite the case as evidence of what they say has been an excessive and disproportionate response by police to their protests.

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According to Skynews, which has a film-crew on the ground providing a live-feed, the police claimed their officers arrived at the airport not to disperse protesters, but to rescue people that were captured by the protesters.

At Hong Kong airport, operations resumed early on Tuesday morning, a day after thousands of protesters converged on it.

"My responsibility goes beyond this particular range of protest", she said, adding that violence had pushed the territory into a state of "panic and chaos".

She added that Hong Kong is part of China and urged the United States to stop interfering in China's global affairs "at once". "It touched me to see Hong Kong like this, I'm not angry", a 31-year-old passenger, who asked not to be identified, told CNN.

Her comments followed serious developments in the growing crisis over the past week. On Monday, a top Chinese official said the protests "had begun to show signs of terrorism". Flagship carrier Air China said it would add capacity on its Beijing-Shenzhen route, as a result of the disruptions.

Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, but has since benefited from the "one country, two systems" approach that has spared the special administrative region from having to conform with many aspects of the mainland's authoritarian system.

Two other flights from Chicago to Hong Kong and NY to Hong Kong were expected to arrive as scheduled, she said.