First Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Reactions Praise Tarantino’s 9th Feature

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Quentin Tarantino has done what he usually does and that is people talking after his ninth film "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" premiered at Cannes.

It's therefore inevitable that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be judged in light of Tarantino's newfound independence. Together, the two are attempting to adapt and survive in an ever-changing Los Angeles. As his own star fades, Rick witnesses his neighbour Sharon Tate's (Margot Robbie) meteoric rise as Cliff meets a young woman (Margaret Qualley) determined to recruit the stuntman into Charles Manson's (Damon Herriman) nearby cult. Sharon and four others were brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family in the home in 1969.

The film will be released in the U.S. on July 26 2019 and the United Kingdom on August 15 2019.

The quote from Brad Pitt that Robbie mentioned there came when Tarantino refused to answer another question about women in his movie. I don't really talk about him as the greatest director but as the hottest, at that time. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as TV star Rick Dalton, who is watching his star decline.

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Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw tweeted: "Quentin Tarantino's brilliant exploitation black-comedy Once Upon A Time In Hollywood finds a pulp-fictionally redemptive take on the Manson nightmare: shocking, gripping, dazzlingly shot in the celluloid-primary colours of sky blue and sunset gold".

Margot Robbie seems to be quite pleased with her experience filming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and framed her limited dialogue in the film as something of an acting challenge.

"It wasn't meant to be ridiculously self-conscious, but there is a thing about summing up certain things, which I wasn't necessarily trying to do, but they started appearing", he said. "I saw her as a ray of light", she said. "I reject your hypothesis", he said. "It was a sobering dark look at the dark side of human nature, and that pivotal moment was a real loss of innocence".

Pitt exclaimed, "That's Luke f***ing Perry", as the actor reminisced about the fandom Perry witnessed during his "Beverly Hills, 90210" days and how he used to follow the icon. As each of them gets but a few minutes of screen time, however, they don't actually add much of value beyond providing another name to put on the poster.