Ben Carson mixed up the real estate term 'REO' with Oreo cookies

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While most media are reporting on Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson confusing an Oreo cookie with a housing term, there was more to analyze at Tuesday's House Financial Services Committee hearing. Part of the reason Carson didn't have the answers Porter was looking for was because he didn't know what an REO was, which is apparently one of the first things an aspiring real estate professional would learn.

Oreo took the tweet down shortly after reporters began to notice, though the account offered no explanation.

"REO stands for 'Really Excellent OREO (cookie).' Everyone knows that", Oreo Cookie tweeted to its 846,000 followers.

Beatty asked, to which Carson responded: "With who?" "An R-E-O. REO", Porter said - clarifying further as Carson tried to spell out the acronym, mistaking the "O" for "organization" incorrectly.

Carson's "stammering would be amusing if it weren't so scary", Porter said in a later statement to Huffington Post after the hearing.

Porter: I'd also like you to get back to me, if you don't mind, on the disparity of REO rates.

'OH, REO! Thanks, @RepKatiePorter, ' he tweeted.

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From the start of Tuesday's hearing, Carson clashed with Democratic lawmakers.

Carson took the humiliation in stride, however, sending Porter a package of Oreo cookies after the video of his gaffe went viral.

Pressley then asked Carson if he would allow his grandmother to live in public housing under his watch. When Pressley said, "You don't get to do that", Carson, seeming uninformed, simply said, "oh".

Porter wanted to know why there was disparity in the rate of REOs issued by the US Federal Housing Administration compared to other government-owned real estate. 'Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks.

He replied, "It would be very nice if you would stop acting-" but did not answer before Pressley's time expired.

"I was asking serious questions about serious problems that Americans are facing", she added.

"Today you are not here as a doctor or even as our surgeon general, which I think might be better suited for your talents, but as the official task of leading the agency overseeing our nation's crumbling housing stock", she noted. But Republican Rep. Bill Posey of Florida said he'd use his time to let Carson respond.