Bill Barr To Release Redacted Robert Mueller Report On Thursday Morning

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Special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian election interference will be released on Thursday morning, promising the climactic moment in a two-year saga that has jeopardised Donald Trump's presidency and held Washington spellbound.

Those following Mueller's investigation will pore over the report's nearly 400 pages for any new disclosures of contacts between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian operatives who interfered in the 2016 election, as well as evidence that the president sought to obstruct justice by interfering in the probe. Details may change. This story will be updated, and NCRM will likely publish follow-up stories on this news.

Mr Montoya said it should fall to Congress to decide whether conduct discovered by Mr Mueller's team warranted an effort to remove the president from office.

White House lawyers have reportedly been briefed on the Mueller report, but are not expected to invoke executive privilege to block other information from being released.

Barr is not required by the regulations governing the special counsel to share the report with the public or notify Congress of more than "brief notifications, with an outline of the actions and the reasons for them".

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Mueller's investigation, though, led to indictments of six of Trump's advisers, along with 26 Russian nationals, including some on charges of hacking.

But Mueller did not reach a definitive conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice. Even some prosecutors who worked for Mueller have said Barr did not accurately represent their findings after he received the report and shared its main conclusions. We do not need your interpretation.

According to the attorney general's summary, no criminal conspiracy between Moscow and the Trump campaign was established. Barr said that redactions would be color-coded based on whether they were grand jury information, related to intel sources and methods, information about uncharged parties or information related to ongoing cases.

"Our goal is to respond as quick as we can; given the length of the report, it may take some time to respond", Sekulow said.

This means full analysis of the report will come out on Friday.