Charles Leclerc slams "stupid" qualifying error for Chinese GP

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Max Verstappen is known for his aggressive driving and fiery temperament, and it boiled over in spectacular fashion as he was frustrated in Chinese Grand Prix qualifying.

"As I said at the start of the season, if there is any 50-50 situation where we need to take a decision, then the advantage would be given to Sebastian simply because Sebastian has got most of the experience with the team in F1", Binotto said at the Chinese GP.

In his first two races with his new team in Australia and Bahrain, Gasly failed to make it into Q3 in qualifying, but improved in Shanghai as he was sixth-fastest - a result which he thinks was probably his limit.

Cautioning however that the season is in its infancy, Hamilton said that he hopes to beat the Ferraris of Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel fair and square, rather than hope they suffer some kind of mechanical problem.

Verstappen was still furious at Vettel in his post-qualifying interview.

But Vettel couldn't risk missing out on the run and went around Verstappen which messed up Verstappen as he tried to once again build a gap between himself and Vettel only for both the Renault's to pass him again and leaving him in a bad position where he no longer could get to the start line before the checkered flag was waved, at least not with enough gap between the Renault's and himself.

"They are such w*nkers honestly". "Everyone is just lining up and they are f-- it up".

"I was just trying to be nice and everybody's f**ked it up".

"I struggle to put the power down and I fight a lot with the vehicle", he elaborated. "So they f****d up my entire build up, while there is an unwritten rule that you just follow each other. From now on in qualifying, I'm going to f*** them up as well".

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Verstappen dropped a spot to 5th after Leclerc went faster than him on his final run by 3 hundredths of a second and conveyed his annoyance with Vettel and the Renaults for passing him.

"I'm not one for birthdays, I'm not one for anniversaries, I'm not one for special days like this", said Hamilton, who is a point behind his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas at the top of the early drivers' standings.

"I hope the vehicle will be as good as it was in Bahrain, so that I can continue to go for the results we deserve", said the 21-year-old Monegasque. I was struggling with the auto, so we've got work to do, particularly on my side as Valtteri looked much more comfortable.

"I don't know if others were not told", he added.

"He won four championships, and, certainly for us, he's the driver who has the most probability to challenge for the title".

"Something we have agreed with both drivers is, in a few races' time, things may change for whatever reason", Binotto said.

Haas also messed up - neither Romain Grosjean nor Kevin Magnussen set a Q3 time after their team misjudged the amount of time needed in the out lap to get around the circuit and set a quick time.

"It was okay a year ago [at Toro Rosso], and I think I need to change a bit the way I drive to get the maximum from this vehicle".