Dad, daughter catch teen who fell from ride

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A group of park guests and employees gathered below to catch the victim before she hit the ground.

The girl was treated by park emergency medical personnel and then transported to the Glens Falls Hospital.

On Sunday, park officials said the ride had been cleared for operation, but would remain closed. There's a totally understandable amount of panic and urgency in the crowd, but some of them called out with words of calm and encouragement too, promising the girl that she'd be safe if she dropped.

He looked up to see the young girl dangling from a slow-moving gondola ride.

One man climbed a tree in an attempt to move branches out of the way while others huddled together below the ride, preparing to catch the girl when she fell.

Park-goers below start to notice the trouble she is having, and begin to devise a plan for how they will save her when she inevitably falls. According to the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office, the ride's operator was notified that a rider was in distress and he immediately stopped the ride.

The 14-year-old teenager who fell from the ride is reportedly in "good spirits".

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"I just couldn't stand there", he said.

Mr Lent said she was dangling for at least 90 seconds, and possibly a few minutes. She is holding on with both hands, her back is arched, and it appears that her neck is hung in the ride's metal bars.

The girl was treated on the spot and then rushed to a nearby hospital in a helicopter after the incident.

When asked whether the girl's evacuation from the ride had followed protocol, Wood did not specify but said that all rides have a "standard evacuation plan". Luckily, fearless park staff and guests banded together and coaxed the girl into making a 20-foot (6 meter) leap of faith.

Officials at Great Escape say there wasn't any malfunction with the ride. The park said in a statement that the safety of guests is a top priority.

He also expresses his surprise that Six Flags seemingly has no rapid response plan for dealing with situations like this.