The Internet Is Scolding Lucy Hale for Calling Herself "Fat"

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Lucy captioned the picture, "You thought me to have soul".

However, some fans noticed a later comment from the actress which read, "ugh I was so fat". Regardless of the reason for her comment, it's important to remember that "fat" is an adjective that doesn't say anything about an individual's beauty or value.

The Pretty Little Liars star shared a cute snap of herself with her father on Sunday (18Jun17) to coincide with the Father's Day holiday. Plus-size bodies are represented more in our culture than ever before, and many media outlets don't have the same fat-shaming mentalities they once did. "You know what it's like, there you are with somebody, let's say they're like you [motioning to Jedediah Bila]". The addition of the word "ugh" places a judgement on "fat", as though it's worse to be fat than it is to be thin - something that many people already think, as evidenced by treatment of fat folks daily.

Sure, while Luce is 100% entitled to feel however she wants about her body, celebrities and influencers should be especially considerate about how they talk address body image issues online.

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"You have to understand that we are talking about a person that has struggled with self love and eating disorders in the past".

It apparently got to be too much for Lucy, who turned off the comments section entirely for the post. Just that she didn't like her body at that time.

Others, though, are defending Lucy, saying she has insecurities just like everyone else.

And it seems that even the lovely Lucy herself has acknowledged the power of her comments and has taken to Twitter to apologise.