Uber Considering Leave of Absence for CEO Travis Kalanick, Report Says

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Uber's board of executives voted Sunday to accept all of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's recommendations in his internal investigation of the company's months-long crisis over allegations of sexual harassment - but it didn't say what they are. Emil Michael, Uber's Senior Vice President for business and CEO Travis Kalanick's right-hand man, has left the company.

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Now, Kalanick is reportedly thinking about a leave of absence, though that may not be tied to any report.

In the subsequent months this has lead to 20 employees being fired, and others resigning.

Board members will consider recommendations, including calls for firing some top managers, based on results of an investigation that examined the San Francisco-based company's culture, technology news site Recode reported late Saturday.

In February, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote on a blog that she had been propositioned by her boss in a series of messages on her first day of work and that superiors ignored her complaints.

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However, according to people close to the matter, the real reason could be how company executives dealt with sexual harassment and other issues, according to the report. In 2014 Michael reportedly suggested at a private dinner in NY that Uber should dig up dirt on journalists that criticize the company, which of course sparked outrage from journalists.

Uber has sincefaced other problems, including an intellectual property dispute over self-driving auto technology with Waymo, the self-driving vehicle business that operates under Google's parent company.

Reuters previously reported that the board of the ride-hailing start-up would meet Sunday to discuss the role CEO Travis Kalanick would play in the company going forward.

The biggest unanswered question remains the future of Kalanick as CEO of the company.

Kalanick has taken time off in the past two weeks after his mother died and his father was injured in a boating accident.

Following the release to the employees, it is expected that the recommendations of the report will also be made public information one way or another- through the company's official accounts or through the network hat has provided all the leaks so far.