Google is giving Inbox app the axe next year

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There's a transition guide that includes a list of Inbox features that have arrived in Gmail, as well as alternative features that offer similar functionality.

Some four years ago, Google debuted Inbox as a Gmail-linked email app that attempted to make sifting through the ol' electronic messaging easier by mixing tasks and reminders into emails.

Inbox by gmail was launched back in 2015. Recently, Google updated its Gmail app with some new features. The new desktop Gmail has an option for offline mode, so a separate Chrome app is no longer necessary.

Google said it wants to focus exclusively on Gmail, which has recently adopted a number of Inbox's features like smart replies and snoozing emails.

Google suggests users start using Gmail again which now features most of the tools originally found in Inbox. But as a user experience, as then senior VP Sundar Pichai explained in a blog post, Inbox was "designed to focus on what really matters". The company claimed that it had no plans to change its email client and saw it as a place to continue testing innovative features.

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Google said that it is making the change so it can focus exclusively on Gmail.

When I reviewed Inbox back in 2014 I quickly realized that the service was not something that I wanted to use. Just another case of Google killing off an app or service, Google giveth and Google taketh.

The company has announced the end of Inbox via social media, announcing they are ending the service in favour of concentrating on features for Gmail. All your conversations are already waiting for you in Gmail.

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