Hearing scheduled on release of Cosby jury names

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In an exclusive interview with CNN's Jean Casarez, attorney Brian McMonagle said the jury's inability to reach a verdict made it clear the trial should end.

Bill Cosby exits the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial was declared in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017.

A judge will hear arguments on whether the names of the jurors at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial should be made public.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged Cosby was a trusted friend and mentor who took advantage of a woman in a "vulnerable state", plied Constand with "three blue pills" and sexually assaulted her at his Cheltenham mansion in mid-January 2004.

Publicist Andrew Wyatt raised a clenched fist as he led the legally blind Cosby out of the courthouse after the jury deadlocked Saturday, while cameras popped and his lead defense lawyer walked away.

Camille Cosby had harsh words for the judge, prosecutor and media.

Also on Monday came the first public comments from a Cosby juror - one of six alternates who heard the evidence but did not deliberate - who said he was "sick" to hear a mistrial declared. At 79 years old, Cosby's stature as "American's Dad" lies in ruins never to be rehabilitated even if he succeeds in securing an acquittal the next time around.

As the days passed, the jury repeatedly asked to rehear portions of the testimony.

He told Pittsburgh radio station WDVE that jurors did not discuss the case on the bus ride after the trial, maintaining "complete silence".

The jurors for the first trial were already hard to find and chosen from a pool in Pittsburgh rather than Philadelphia where the alleged sexual assault took place and the trial was held.

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"We have no indication of where anybody was on the case and I don't know that we will ever know", Steele said.

McCloskey posted his juror's badge on Facebook as proof of his role in the case.

-Jody Armour, professor at the University of southern California Gould School of Law, told the Associated Press.

The jurors clearly struggled with their verdict, telling the judge on Thursday they were at impasse.

But it was Cosby's reputation as a public moralist who urged young people to pull up their saggy trousers and start acting responsibly that prompted a federal judge to unseal portions of an explosive deposition he gave more than a decade ago as part of Constand's civil lawsuit against him.

Judge Steven O'Neill, who presided over the Cosby trial, has yet to rule on the release of the names. Cosby is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his home near Philadelphia in 2004.

She said it was sexual assault. On Saturday, they came back and told O'Neill they were hopelessly deadlocked. When we got there we didn't have security and people were diving on our cars.

If prosecutors do stand by their vow to try Bill Cosby a second time, it is possible that they will try to persuade the judge to allow more accusers to take the stand (only one, in addition to Andrea Constand, was allowed during the first trial).

"She's a very spiritual woman, she believes things happen for a goal, and I think the objective is.it should encourage other women to come forward and have their day in court". The defense had hoped, if it did, to introduce evidence she had previously dated a man.

"Trust it, believe in it and I'm confident that if this case is retried, he'll be acquitted", he said. Cosby is free on 1 million dollars bail. Several of them attended the criminal trial with their layers. In a sworn deposition in 2005, in a civil case brought by Constand, Cosby admitted he had obtained Quaaludes with the idea of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with, and that he gave them to one young woman and "other people". She feels they "set aside" those opinions and didn't need to present Cosby's own experts.