Huawei exec says Hongmeng OS isn’t created to replace Android

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Huawei's Hongmeng OS isn't for phones, its senior vice president told reporters.

Chen's comments imply that Huawei has either changed its earlier strategy to use Hongmeng to run its smartphones, or it is working on some other mobile platform as an alternative to Android. However, it looks like that might not be the case at all.

Few months after it was reported to be developing its own OS for smartphones, Chinese OEM, Huawei has come out to say that its Hongmeng operating system is not for smartphones as the company intends to continue to use Google's Android operating system.

Huawei's Android replacement OS may actually be less of a replacement than was initially assumed. She added that Huawei does not plan to move away from Android and that its smartphones will continue using Google's mobile operating system. Huaweis in-house OS also has extremely low latency compared with a smartphone operating system, Chen added. What do you this about this latest news on HongMeng OS?

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Chen, when asked about it at a media roundtable in Brussels, said that the Hongmeng OS was not designed for that.

Google is hunting official permission to keep supplying Android to Huawei, the Chinese phone-maker claims, as uncertainty around the U.S. government's blacklist on trade continues to overshadow its device roadmap. "The hybrid one is likely to have more bugs in it than the Google one, and so it could put Huawei phones more at risk of being hacked, not least by China", one source claimed. In fact, news of a home-grown operating system by Huawei dates back to 2012.

"Google has been arguing that by stopping it from dealing with Huawei, the United States risks creating two kinds of Android operating systems: the genuine version and a hybrid one".