Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, New Characters and Upcoming Expansions

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Marvel fans have been waiting for this one and it sounds like it will not disappoint.

Even more exciting is the fact that the game is out on the Nintendo Switch at this very moment.

New datamining efforts from the retail edition of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 have unveiled new playable characters.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is nearly here, and Marvel took the time at its San Diego Comic-Con panel on day one to announce its post-launch plans for the game.

Note that Cyclops and Colossus were also recently announced as playable but aren't actually part of the upcoming DLC.

Some of Marvel's moodiest heroes are coming to the game in September. DLC on the way, of course, so here's everything we know about it so far to help you decide whether it's something you need. Instead, they'll be free to everyone from August 30.

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Heroic Camera - In addition to the series' traditional perspective, players can also select a dynamic, zoomed-in view, allowing for a more immersive play style for single-player or multiplayer when using multiple systems.

If you don't want to spend $20 for an X-additional story pass, you will get free contents with this new update for the game.

The first expansion is Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire and includes playable characters Blade, Moon Knight, Morbius, and The Punisher.

Purchase the Expansion Pass to receive an in-game alternative-color chef outfit for Deadpool at game launch. All this new content will revolve around the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Marvel Knights.

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