Is this what the Pixel 4 XL will look like?

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The latest version of the Android operating system, Android Q, also made references to two devices with the code names Sargo and Bonito.

There's a truly epic blog post here listing all the features, including new privacy functions, location controls, new sharing shortcuts, in-app settings panels, and even adaptive WiFi.

Are you going to load the Android Q beta on a Pixel phone?

The handsets are also expected to feature in-display fingerprint readers, stereo speakers on the top and bottom edge of the device, run Android Q and are expected to be unveiled in October 2019. This year, Google's making some changes to improve native black and white photography and low-light pictures.

How can I get the Android Q beta? Specifically affecting a device's location access; with the OS, users will be able to limit apps to only pull localtion information while the app is in use. PPlus, the latest version is introducing the Y8 stream format to make black and white photos take up less storage.

Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters
Android Q beta is now available for Pixel devices

One of the most important changes in Android 10 is its expanded support for innovative designs, such as foldable smartphones.

We expect more devices will be added to the Android Q beta before long, but for now, it's pretty much a Pixel party. We managed to get it installed on our Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL immediately after signing up. The original Pixel phones were designed by HTC for Google, and they were blatant iPhone 6 ripoffs.

The Share menu is getting a revamp too, with faster loading times for options on the menu (like other apps and contacts you might want to connect to), as well as a preview of what it is you're actually sharing. Again, these features aren't now in the beta, but could well reappear again at a later date. Further, the alleged Google Pixel 3a is rumoured to offer a 5.56-inch IPS display with 2220x1080 pixels resolution. XDADevelopers have a way to make it active all the time, and if you have a Pixel and want the dark theme always on, check the method here. It's very much like Microsoft's Windows Insider programme.

It looks like Google is busy adding a desktop mode similar to Samsung Dex, so you can hook up an external monitor to your Android Q device and use it a bit like a PC.

We must however repeat: this beta is more for developers rather than for general use.

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