President Trump: Democrats do nothing to secure border, national emergency still possible

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According to the White House, other guests invited to attend Trump's second State of the Union address include three relatives of a Nevada couple murdered last month by a man authorities said was likely in the United States illegally. Yet, a senior administration official told reporters to expect a "traditional" address from a president who is anything but traditional. Trump's guest list suggests that the White House has not backed off its main obsession, which is convincing Americans to buy the racist myth that masses of brown people are streaming across the border to rape and kill them.

The address is also being used as a fundraising tool for the President's re-election campaign, soliciting input from supporters. Trump's first ever State of the Union address, delivered January 2018, clocked in at 1 hour and 20 minutes.

He also will make another pitch for his proposed southern border wall.

Asked whether the structure is "a wall or fence" - Trump last week returned to saying wall, having previously suggested the wall could be a barrier, or a fence, Sanders said: "What we're looking at is a steel barrier that you can see through". On Jan. 16, Pelosi sent a letter to Trump calling for the speech to be postponed until the shutdown, which had begun on December 22, was over.

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The Democratic response to Trump will be delivered by Stacey Abrams, who excited interest from activists across the country in the fall when she was almost elected the U.S.'s first African-American woman state governor by voters in once-segregated Georgia. "They're going to say some things about the rhetoric of unity, but you can't at once be dealing with these divisive issues and then talking about unity".

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Conway - and the rest of the politically interested world - will be watching the speaker throughout what aides say will be a slightly shorter address than the previous two Trump has delivered in the House chamber.

Pelosi's husband, Paul, and one of her five children, the filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, will also join.

Trump's approval had been sliding in recent weeks, reaching a low of 43 per cent in the Rasmussen poll as the shutdown wore on. We'll know more after his speech. But Trump has never shown an interest in doing that. As I wrote last month, Congress has the power to overrule presidential emergency declarations: Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would no doubt relish the chance to put every congressional Republican on the record either against Trump or against their supposed small-government principles.

Congressional Democrats, for their part, say the state of our union now provides a flawless opportunity for some live-trolling of the president via special invited guests. The counter-puncher in chief charged Schumer with being "upset that he didn't win the Senate, after spending a fortune, like he thought he would".

The speech outlines what is happening in the country and is broadcast throughout the USA and the world. Instead he will urge a congressional committee to work out a border security deal by Feb 15.