Dozens wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank, Gaza

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According to a statement from the Defence Ministry, the new barrier will be 65 kilometres long and six metres high.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he would not extend its mandate, accusing it of bias. The project is estimated to cost the equivalent of about $833 million USA dollars. Additionally, the western portion of the barrier will connect to the new sea barrier being built by the Israel Defense Forces. Its concrete wall will have sensors, according to Haaretz.

In 2016, Israel began construction of the new barrier around the Strip, focusing first on the underground portion, following the 2014 Gaza war in which Hamas used subterranean attack tunnels to deadly effect against Israeli troops.

Five Palestinians were arrested on Sunday after penetrating the current border fence in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

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The rallies organizers Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, who also joined the rallies in eastern Gaza, insisted that their marches and protests will go on until achieving the goals of ending the Israeli blockade that had been imposed on the Gaza Strip for 12 years.

With security coordination one of the last venues of cooperation between Israel and Palestine, the loss of such coordination could easily lead the PA leadership to take more drastic moves in the global community, figuring they don't have much else to risk in the way of Israeli ties in trying to get support from the United Nations on serious policy matters. The majority happened during border protests but others were the result of "tank fire and airstrikes", France 24 reported.

The fence is similar to the one built along the border with Egypt, which cut the number of illegal African migrants passing into Israel from 14,669 in 2010 to 14 in 2016, the Jerusalem Post reported.

"We strongly condemn Israel's unilateral termination of the mandate of the "Temporary International Presence in Hebron" (TIPH). and expect this political decision to be reversed", the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement late on Friday, February 1.