Monday marks World Cancer Day

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The three most common cancers among men in Malaysia were colorectal (16.4 per cent), lung (15.8 per cent) and nasopharynx (8.1 per cent); whilst the three most common cancers among women were breast (32.1 per cent), colorectal (10.7 per cent) and cervix (7.7 per cent).

Today (4 February) marks World Cancer Day, an initiative created to increase general awareness and raise funds for research into prevention, treatment and cure of this disease.

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), a leading international non-profit, said increasing early-stage cancer detection, screening and diagnosis improve cancer patients' chances of survival. Multiple initiatives run on World Cancer Day to show support for those affected by cancer.

There will also be information for any women who may have had breast cancer and where they can purchase post-operative bras.

Despite the high cure rates in developed countries, it is estimated that in India 70 per cent children die of cancer due largely to lack of awareness, late detection and late diagnosis, inadequate facilities, the high cost of treatment and the absence of supportive care and nutritional support during treatment.

Obaseki gave the commendation on Monday in Benin City, in commemoration of the World Cancer Day, a day set aside by the World Health Organisation to draw global attention to the disease, review progress on treatment and management options with global stakeholders. High levels of oestrogen can fuel the development of breast cancer.

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So, this World Cancer Day, The Better India chose to take an extra step and spread awareness about cancer, its symptoms, and how it can be overcome.

But what is more important is having knowledge and awareness about various symptoms of different types of cancer. MAJOR Medical Breakthrough Offers Hope to Cancer Survivors. I've worked on research mapping out the symptoms that a GP is most likely to see in their surgery and which cancers they relate to. Also the government is considering to lower the price of 39 cancer drugs. In 2018, the disease led to almost 7 lakh deaths.

It is essential to be aware of one's risk of Cancer and get screened for early detection, which helps protect you and prevent the Cancer from developing. Since 1990, approximately 6 million people in Japan have attended the screening for stomach cancer annually, and gastroscopy is a mandatory part of health check-ups for people aged 40 or above.

When it comes to mammography, doctors say though it is the best method to detect cancer, it is very expensive.

Something that can not be ignored, however, is the importance of cancer prevention.