U.S. to deny tariff relief for Apple Mac Pro parts from China

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"Apple will not be given Tariff wavers (sic), or relief, for Mac Pro parts that are made in China", Trump tweeted.

US President Donald Trump has warned Apple to either make in America or pay tariff. It's not clear if that declaration is final.

The Mac Pro was the last major Apple product to be made in the USA, but in June, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was shifting production of the expensive Mac Pro from Texas to China.

The Wall Street Journal reported in June that Apple is shifting manufacturing of its new Mac Pro desktop computer to China from Texas.

Trump's tweet seemed to skip ahead of a decision by the Office of the United States Trade Representative on whether Apple would be exempt from the tariffs. An online comment posted by Bill Smith said Apple willingly elected to move production to China knowing that tariffs were in place.

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The US-China trade war has resulted in the fall of Apple's iPhone sales. "Make them in the U.S., no Tariffs!" Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump said in no uncertain terms that Apple would not be given relief from his administration's trade war against China. Apple has been able to avoid previous Trump administration tariffs on its products including the Apple Watch.

The reason it asked for the exemption is that, according to the company, China is its only source for these particular parts. As for the tariff waiver, the 2019 Mac Pro starts from $6,000 so even a 10% tariff on the total product price would end up being a significant amount. Those additional tariffs haven't been imposed yet.

The Trump administration has denied numerous other tariff exclusion requests from major companies including General Motors Co for its Chinese-made Buick Envision, Tesla Inc for components for its electric vehicles and Uber Technologies Inc for electric bikes. They were up less than 1 per cent at 10.16am in NY.