Destiny 2's microtransactions are gross, and totally par for the course

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Destiny 2 Clans Progression features are now live, just in time for the weekend! I can tell you that I really like the little changes made to inventory management (you get far fewer unidentified items, for example, and they don't take up precious equipment slots when you do pick them up), but I know there is much more happening under the hood. Players can continue finding shaders across the game's worlds or purchase them with Silver purchased for real-money.

In Destiny 1, shaders - which are used to colour pieces of gear - can be used as often as you like.

To unlock Nightfall Strikes, you first have to complete all of Destiny 2's campaign.

Getting a stockpile of shaders doesn't beat just having a collection you can use at will, even if the shader drops were so frequent that you never ran out of the ones you want. Over its three years in the hands of gamers, developer Bungie has tried to flesh the game out through multiple paid expansions and a decent amount of free content. When you put one on, its color scheme was applied to your entire set of armor. Your Guardian is now more customisable, with individual armour pieces now repaintable, but the Shaders used to do it are now consumable - and available to buy through microtransactions. It's more streamlined and focused, stripping players of all of their gear and levels to offer a completely fresh start for everyone involved.

Destiny 2's microtransactions are gross, and totally par for the course
Destiny 2's microtransactions are gross, and totally par for the course

Unfortunately, it turns out that there was another shoe waiting to drop. In that game, shaders have unlimited uses and can be applied to nearly any piece of armor or clothing. The basics are very much what you expect from Destiny - shooting, running, looting - so if you hated the original, this won't change your mind. The same situation holds true from the armor side. The shader controversy is dominating discussion in the Destiny community, despite the fact that it exclusively involves cosmetics, because few things piss people off like games changing for the sake of microtransactions. As of this writing, the thread has more than 41,000 upvotes. But for the most part the game, which again will feature expansive multiplayer options, will feel similar to the original - for those who missed out on Destiny, Polygon has a good primer on the game's storylines here. In a blog post today, Bungie said "millions" of players have jumped into the game and reached the new social space, the Farm, in just two days since the game launched on September 6.

"Well boys and girls it seems the new system is here to stay", wrote Redditor WeilandM. "Do not spend a single cent on microtransactions until shaders become unlimited use", reads the most popular one, with almost 2,500 comments.

Either way, fans are certainly making their voices heard. As per Smith, you'll receive lots of shaders after hitting level 20 and believes they'll be farmed like any other end-game reward.

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