Facebook Messenger lets you send or receive money via PayPal

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PayPal can be chosen to be the default option for all transactions made within the Messenger app, claims the payment service company.

The move makes sense for PayPal, which already processes over $80 billion in peer-to-peer payments - the kind of payment method popularized by PayPal-owned services such as Venmo. This way you can easily send money and can make transactions through your PayPal account.

Last year, Facebook and PayPal introduced the latter as a payment support within the former's Messenger app.

In a recent development, PayPal has proclaimed that its partnership with the social networking giant, Facebook to enable P2P payments feature in Facebook Messenger. But for users who are not comfortable using a debit card or credit card online and prefer PayPal payments, Facebook has introduced this new feature which allows you to pay your friends using your PayPal account. This will allow users to get support for their account without any need to leave the app. In addition to this, a new customer service Messenger bot will be rolled out today as well.

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PayPal has announced its first customer service bot that will be at the users service handling their questions as well as request for assistance. All you have to do is to enter any Facebook Messenger chat, tap on the blue plus icon, select the green Payments option and set PayPal as the source of payment. The bot has been built to assist you with your request.

PayPal is rolling out this functionality to the Facebook Messenger app, and it will be available to U.S consumers from today. Once you hit enter, the app will prompt you to connect your PayPal account or debit card.

Facebook has some 30,000 bots that can already accept payment natively without directing you to third-party websites.

It's also worth noting that Messenger users in the USA have been able to pay one another inside the app since March 2015, requiring people to enter their debit card information as a method of payment. The same will be available for Android platform very soon.