Stephen King's "It" opens with record-crushing

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A feature adaptation of Stephen King's iconic horror story It filmed on location throughout southern Ontario. "So it's about time", director Andy Muschietti said. Although there is no scene after the credits are over, there is an ominous sound heard at the end. As the story unfolds, however, and the movie's young band of misfits goes on a Pennywise hunt, "It" remains mildly entertaining but not truly haunting.

But as more children disappear from the town, Bill and his Loser Club - Ritchie, Ben, Beverley, Stanley, Eddie and Mike - start to wonder why. The children are terrorized by "It", an ancient evil that has taken the form of Pennywise The Dancing Clown.

Pennywise, first played by Tim Curry in 1990's It television miniseries, preyed on the innocent and poisoned the sense of security of a small town. Aside from the stereotypical pre-teen boy jokes - mainly about sexual misconceptions and puberty - the film also had some jokes catered toward the older audience, mainly taken from the 1980s setting. I have read the Cary Fukunaga script, and can definitely say that there are certain things that worked for the script that wouldn't have worked in this movie, and vice versa. He added that he's hoping to make It 2 with a higher budget.

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4 stars to 3 1/2 stars: Good film, see it if it's your type of movie. Bill Skarsgard brings him to terrifying life - and the result may be the scariest clown in the history of film. In an age where horror has been reduced to jump scares, and torture porn, it's nice to see a film that has genuinely horrifying imagery and a plot that drags you deeper into the monster's web.

I'm just happy to see a movie with rich and memorable characters on the cusp of becoming a blockbuster this year. That all but sealed the existence of an adult sequel to IT, though there are certainly examples of similar tags that were never followed up on (and it wouldn't surprise this writer if this year's Dark Tower is the next). However, Andy Muschietti's remake of Stephen King's "It" does a remarkable job at balancing an incredible story, humor and bloodcurdling scenes - it's easy to see how his novel has paved the way for other more recent films and television shows.