Consumer Issues Stemming From the GOP Health Care Initiative

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And it's going way beyond repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act because it does affect all 74 million Medicaid beneficiaries, not just those people who gained access because of the Affordable Care Act because, in the original construct of Medicaid, it was to be a shared expense between the states and the federal government.

Dean Heller, R-Nevada, became the fifth Senate Republican to reject the measure. "We have a few people that are - I think you could say modestly - they're not standing on the rooftops and screaming, they want to get some points".

Sandoval, a Republican who accepted Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in his state, said about 210,000 Nevadans gained health coverage under the law. Senate Republican leaders may rely on the deal-making former businessman to lean on conservative senators who are balking at the bill.

Trump said it was hard to weigh competing forces while drafting the bill, but that the bill revealed by the Senate this week was a good start. In that iteration, about 23 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026 than if Obamacare were to stay intact, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis.

Trump will lead the effort to try to convince reluctant Republicans to support the bill.

Some Democrats are holding events this weekend to stand up against the bill.

By reducing the growth of Medicaid spending more than the House bill does, the Senate version adds $2 billion to the $37 billion the state would lose in coming years compared to states that fully expanded Medicaid, Borgerding said. Senate Democratic leader Charles E. Schumer's office put out a list of such offers, including a June 15 letter from Schumer to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling for a cross-party meeting to "find a way to make health care more affordable and accessible". Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Collins discussed the release of a report that says that less than one percent of the 4,000-mile U.S.

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The Senate bill's lower inflation adjustment for federal Medicaid payments would ratchet up the pressure on states, Peacock said. Charles Schumer of NY and Elizabeth Warren of MA as "obstructionists".

Democrats hope to use those rules to erase some language from the bill, including a section barring consumers from using the measure's health care tax credits to buy insurance that covers abortions.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said seven to eight additional senators including herself were troubled by provisions in the Senate bill that she believes could cut Medicaid for the poor even more than the House version.

Johnson wrote in The New York Times Republicans have been pushing to "repair the damage done by ObamaCare for so long". Activists and health organizations have argued that the bill's sweeping cuts to Medicaid would be life-threatening to many Americans. He said Democrats "are doing everything we can to fight this bill because it's so devastating for the middle class". "We've got to fix the unmitigated disaster that is Obamacare".

"But I think they're going to get there", Trump told "Fox and Friends".

He told ABC's "This Week" the GOP has "at best, a 50-50 chance". Johnson spoke on NBC's "Meet the Press".

The Trump administration is reminding the Republicans that the Senate bill fulfills several 2016 campaign promises. "And that's the way we're going to reform health care in the 21st Century".