United's latest headache is a 3-foot-long dead rabbit

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Simon, the giant bunny which The Sun claims was expected to grow to possibly become the largest rabbit in the world (Simon's dad, Darius, now holds the title), was on its way to meet a "celebrity" new owner in the USA, but it was reportedly dead when it arrived in Chicago.

A valuable giant rabbit that was "fit as a fiddle" - and destined to be the world's biggest bunny - mysteriously died while flying United, a report says. Ive sent rabbits round the world, nothing like this happened.” Uniteds reputation is at rock bottom after film of a doctor savagely being dragged from a jet went viral.

But his big future has been snuffed out after he was found dead in the cargo hold of a Boeing 767-300 which landed at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Ms Edwards, from Stoulton, Worcs, is adamant Simon was in ideal health, having had a check-up three hours before the flight.

"Something very unusual has happened and I want to know what", fumed breeder Annette Edwards, 65, of the UK.

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She said that Simon, 10 months, could have eventually hopped over his father to claims his title. United removed passengers because it needed seats for a flight crew.

"After the viral video no-one wanted responsibility for killing what was to be the world's biggest rabbit", a source said of the scandal-plagued airline.

The airline now faces a legal claim from the Simon's new owner and former Playboy model Annette, who once had plastic surgery to look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

The British Press has reported that Simon - a 10-month-old, 3-foot-long continental rabbit - had been travelling on a flight to the U.S. from London. He was on track to out-grow 4ft 4in dad Darius, the worlds biggest rabbit.

Giant rabbits are known to cost more than $6,000 a month to keep, the Sun reports. Annette's rabbits are hired out at £500 a time. "We are reviewing this matter", the airline said in a statement.