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Heat and Machete star Danny Trejo was a real-life hero on Wednesday when he helped to rescue a child with special needs from an overturned vehicle in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles. Just like a scene from one of his action movies, Trejo ran into harm's way to help. "I said "OK, we have to use our superpowers.' So he screamed 'superpowers" and we started yelling 'superpowers.' I said do this, with the muscles [Trejo flexes his muscles]". "We got kind of, like, a bond, I guess".

"If he wasn't wearing his vehicle seat, I think he would have died", he said. The child was said to be trapped inside of a auto that had overturned in a Los Angeles traffic collision on Wednesday.

Trejo stayed with the boy after he was freed until his grandmother was pulled to safety by rescue workers. "The seat was completely ripped off and he was laying on the floor, but was still wearing his auto seat".

He added, "Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else".

The Los Angeles Fire Department says three people were taken to a hospital, and there were no life-threatening injuries. With the help of another bystander, Monica Jackson, they were able to rescue the child.

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Assessing the damage to the flipped auto, Trejo said there's a good chance the child's vehicle seat saved his life.

Danny Trejo has starred in numerous Hollywood films, often playing the role of the villain.

From there, he caught the eye of author, Edward Bunker, who had also served time with Trejo in San Quentin and offered him $320 per day to train Eric Roberts for a boxing scene.

He also advised parents and motorists to "pay attention" to avoid similar situations.

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