House Democrats request unreleased documents from Brett Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation hearing

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On obstruction, Mueller did not determine whether Trump committed a crime but also did not exonerate the president. It is the first lawsuit House Democrats have filed to force an administration official to testify since Trump announced he was taking a fight-all-the-subpoenas strategy.

The House's arguments Wednesday have some of the strongest language yet before a judge that they're working toward formal impeachment proceedings over whether Trump obstructed the Russian Federation investigation, and the lawsuit sets the stage for a precedent-setting legal showdown between the White House and Congress over executive privilege.

McGahn again resisted when the president sought to have him issue a public statement and a "letter" for White House records refuting media reports, published in January 2018, indicating that Trump had ordered McGahn to have Mueller fired the previous summer, according to the suit. Every single Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, with the exception of Sen.

The move represented the latest step toward impeachment by Democrats in the House of Representatives, who last week cited their impeachment drive in a court petition seeking access to Mueller's grand jury evidence.

House Democrats are sharply divided on the question of impeachment, with just over half, including Nadler, favoring proceedings.

A favorable ruling would enable not only McGahn's testimony but that of several others such as former communications director Hope Hicks, whose appearance the White House is blocking with a similar argument, the lawyers said.

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And the Justice Department helped McGahn to ignore the subpoena by issuing an Office of Legal Counsel opinion in May that said he had immunity from being called to testify about his work in the White House. "And the president instructed Don to cooperate fully with the special counsel but directed him not to testify to Congress unless the White House and the committee reached an accommodation".

Republican leaders slammed House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler Wednesday after the top Democrat demanded new documents regarding recently confirmed Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In May, McGahn, now a lawyer in private practice in Washington, D.C., refused, at the direction of the White House, to comply with a congressional subpoena to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.

But the aides argued they still needed to hear from McGahn, because he can talk about the offenses laid out in the Mueller report, as well as the President's intent in those episodes.

The Committee also exercises legislative authority, including investigative and oversight authority, with respect to "t$3 he judiciary and judicial proceedings, civil and criminal", and "federal courts and judges."[1] The Committee's jurisdiction encompasses the laws governing judicial ethics and the judicial oath of office; judicial disqualification, and misconduct; and the organization of the Supreme Court.