European Union open to Brexit discussions but prepared for no-deal: Spokeswoman

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Speaking during a visit to a hospital to promote his health spending pledge, Johnson said voters had had enough of voting. "The last thing I want to do is call another election".

September 4 - No-confidence motion is voted upon, government loses.

Following reports the European Union had accepted Mr Johnson is aiming for no deal, Michael Gove attacked the European Union, claiming it is the bloc that "seem to be refusing to negotiate with UK". Losing a confidence vote would usually trigger a general election which is one reason why a general election to be held before Brexit is [1.86]. "No-deal will be really serious".

- What if Mr Johnson does succeed in getting a new deal with Brussels?

SPEAKER of the House John Bercow could help MPs take control of the Brexit agenda thanks to a little known parliamentary rule and force the Government to change the UK's default position into revoking Article 50, Law professor David Howarth claimed.

Since Boris Johnson became the prime minister on 24 July the pound has fallen by more than 2.5% and fallen more than 6% since May. The money will be used to reduce waiting times, he said.

It says that without adequate funding for social care, attempts to improve the NHS will be hindered and that people will continue to fall through the cracks of a failing social care system.

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Earlier on Tuesday a senior British government source said London was "ready and willing" to do a deal to leave the European Union if Brussels renegotiated the agreement, denying that a no-deal Brexit was Prime Minister Boris Johnson's central plan.

Even while London insists that the United Kingdom government is "ready to negotiate in good faith", it is clear from their side that Johnson would only agree to a deal without a backstop, that he keeps referring to as "undemocratic", meaning that such a deal would end up with the island of Ireland having a hard border.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement yesterday that the NHS will receive a welcome cash injection of £1.8 billion, the Local Government Association (LGA) has voiced its concerns that a sustainable health service can not exist without a sustainable social care system.

So the conclusion of officials is there is no reason to get back round the table at the moment, for the simple reason that they don't think they can meet the conditions Boris Johnson has set. It's the first time in two years Scots support independence, he said. "It's sad that they don't want to negotiate with us", the source said, on condition of anonymity. That compares with the 55% who opposed independence in the 2014 plebiscite.

Mr Grieve is said to believe that if he can win the vote, Mr Johnson would be forced to leave office.

September 19 - Government chooses election date.

He told BBC Radio Four: "I now don't think it [Parliament] can [stop no-deal]".