Second Brexit referendum vote could happen, says Hammond

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Hammond said he expected the government and Labour would strike a deal in the next couple of months.

May will lay out her reasons for seeking a delay to Brexit, now due to take place.

He said meetings later this week would be divided into different subjects led by relevant ministers and their Labour opposite numbers.

Duncan Smith has now requested that she stands down in May and described talks with Labour as a "recipe for disaster". "He said" a favorable decision hinges also on assurances from United Kingdom on honest cooperation". A lawmaker who is Jacob Rees-Mogg, an Brexit urge, increased the possibility of such a plan a week.

The Observer said it had obtained a recording of Clarke saying that he would resign from the ruling party if May is replaced by an extremist anti-EU leader.

Ratings and polls published on Sunday showed that support for the ruling Conservative Party of Prime Minister Theresa May was at its lowest in five years as the government struggled to go through the parliament with a Brexit deal opposed by both the pro-EU Labour and fierce Eurosceptics.

Downing Street says May will fly Berlin Tuesday to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, then on to Paris.

May will set out her motives for seeking a delay to Brexit due. Unanimous approval is required by an expansion from leaders of all 27 member states that are remaining. Some Macron, are unwilling to prolong it and tired of the Brexit melodrama.

"With a chaotic departure of Britain from the European Union potentially only days off, EU commissioner Phil Hogan says that the United Kingdom leaving the bloc with no deal in position" is simply insane". It will make writing the manifesto impossible'.

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"Hogan stated that" regardless of the insanity of Brexit, I believe that common sense could prevail".

Steffen Seibert, merkel's spokesman said that the two leaders would discuss a European Union summit along with Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May's effective deputy, David Lidington, said they wanted to be able to "take stock" of any progress when parliament returns from its Easter break on April 23.

There have been no results up to now, although as a final resort, May has started cross-party talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The prime minister is facing renewed calls from Tory Brexit supporters to step down as talks with Labour over the European Union withdrawal bill continue during the Easter recess.

"What the prime minister has to do now is aim everything towards departure before the euros (European elections) which would then allow her to step away having done what she said she would do - get the United Kingdom out of the European Union one way or the other", he told Sky News.

"Writing Monday from the Daily Telegraph, Johnson claims that the customs union proposed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will" enslave" the United Kingdom.

Johnson states in an tweet:"We should not agree to become non-voting members of the European Union, below the stunt signaled by Jeremy Corbyn - it can not, must not and won't happen".