You Can Get Android Q Now if You Have a Google Pixel

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As for Android Q's official name, we still have no clue. According to the YouTube channel Techusiast, the Android Q Developer Preview Beta 1 already has Screen Recording feature, confirming rumors from earlier this year.

Something to look forward to: Google has finally released the Android Q beta with a big focus on privacy. With this new update, users will be getting more privacy and security on their device as it comes with a new permission management setup for tracking location which will be providing its users three options like "allow all time, Deny and Allow only while the app is in use".

Apps will also have access to a quick settings panel that will include all the settings a user would need to update before using an app. Google offers a browser app as an example, which would have a settings panel that includes items like Airplane Mode, WI-Fi, and Mobile Data.

There has been more pre-release buzz about the upcoming Android release than usual this year thanks to a leaked build of Android Q several weeks back. Maybe we'll hear more about this at Google IO in May.

Numerous previously announced features for foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold are also built into Android Q. For developers, that means supporting new paused and resumed states that allow multiple apps to work on a larger display. The original Pixel, Pixel 2 series and Pixel 3 series all qualify.

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Controlling apps that access photos, videos and audio files have become easier to manage on Android Q. Also, apps are required to use the system file picker inside the Downloads folder so that users can choose which files can be access by the app.

One thing to keep in mind is that this beta is meant for developers to get an early taste of Android Q and its features and to help them prepare their apps for the public Android Q release. If your device is shown in the list of eligible devices you will be able to add it. Tap on the Opt in symbol below. Check for Android Q update by going to Settings System Advanced System updates.

What are the key features of Android Q? Don't have a Pixel device?

Those of you who are willing to deal with the inevitable bugs can enroll in the Android Beta program here. Once done, you will receive the build over-the-air.