Virginia lawmaker backs off impeachment effort against Justin Fairfax

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"Virginia needs someone that can heal".

He said he's learned that he needs to better understand what it means to be "born in white privilege".

"And if these accusations are determined to be true, I don't think he's going to have any other option but to resign", Northam said. I also plan to reach out to our colleges and universities and talk about sensitivity training.

King quickly interjected: "Also known as slavery".

The first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort, what we call now Fort Monroe, and while - " Northam said on the show.

She said in a phone interview that Northam's "indentured servant" remark is "shocking in light of his current political difficulties".

"Virginia deserves a governor that knows the folks who were stolen from their land & brought to present day Virginia on cargo ships in 1619 were not "indentured servants" they were mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, leaders, warriors, elders who were captured & enslaved".

"My God, it just gets worse & worse".

Trump tweeted on Sunday about "the double standard" in Virginia, where white officials who've admitted to wearing blackface now stand in judgment over the state's highest ranking African American.

Yet others argued that despite any legal shenanigans, the first Africans couldn't be called anything but slaves, because they were traded as commodities. Next in line after Fairfax (should he resign or be removed) would be State Attorney General Mark Herring, who is also at the center of a scandal after admitting that he himself wore blackface in the past.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is reaffirming his decision to not resign after two women came forward with accusations of sexual assault.

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Fairfax also addressed Watson's claim in his statement, saying: "Regarding Ms. Watson, I knew Ms. Watson in college both before and after the encounter, and she never said to me that our interaction was not consensual or caused her any discomfort". But he could not explain how the photo wound up there, or why he initially had taken responsibility for it.

Northam disappeared from the public spotlight much last week, as national discussion over the state's various scandals grew.

Still, "a clear sign of the depth of LG Fairfax's political crisis is the near-absence of voices in Virginia politics this weekend publicly urging him to remain in office", University of Mary Washington political science professor Stephen Farnsworth said in an email. Fairfax has denied the allegations and refused calls to step down.

GAYLE KING: Because you're a doctor, yes?

Two women allege Fairfax sexually assaulted them, and both have offered to testify if an impeachment hearing were called against him. "But I can tell you that I am sure, just like me, he has grown". And so this has been a real, I think, an awakening for Virginia.

If the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general all left office or were removed, the speaker of the House would become governor.

He says he'll "focus on race and equity" as his "commitment to Virginia" for the next three years.

Fairfax has denied both allegations and on Saturday asked that "no one rush to judgment".

Since the two allegations against Fairfax were made, many top Democrats running for president in 2020 have called for Fairfax's resignation, including Sens. "I am asking that no one rush to judgment and I am asking for there to be space in this moment for due process".

"I recognize that it will take time and serious effort to heal the damage this conduct has caused".

All three are Democrats.