The First Night of AAF Football

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The league will feature eight teams, and the games will be featured on CBS and NFL Network. At all. There will still be a coin toss, with the victor deciding whether to receive or defer, but the team that receives the ball will simply send out its offense to start from their own 25-yard line. Instead, teams will attempt the equivalent of a fourth-and-12 play from their 28-yard line.

There will be no TV timeouts and fewer full-screen commercials. Perhaps most interestedly though, there is a "sky judge" official in the press box that has the authority to reverse an on-field officials' call, or make a call that wasn't made on the field.

In overtime, each team will get the ball only once with a first and goal from the 10. He also scored the two-point conversion to practically put the game away. The game will end in a tie if neither team scores. The AAF will also offer secondary education scholarships and an internship program.

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Football isn't over just yet, even if the NFL season has come to a close. For the quarterbacks, a four-round draft was held that allowed teams to protect one player from their region or pick from the entire pool.

Ebersol, a filmmaker, is a son of Dick Ebersol, the former NBC Sports president who co-founded the short-lived XFL with WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Despite the long list of failed pro football franchises in the Alamo City, the locals ate this stuff up. Through this trial you can watch the AAF online via a computer or the Amazon Prime website and decide if you want to keep CBS All Access later. There were several intriguing factors about the AAF such as former National Football League front office members and players like Bill Polian, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu, who are key members in the creation and operation of the league. For those of us already in withdrawals from the lack of Pittsburgh Steelers' football, it might be a nice filler.

The San Diego Fleet quarterback was absolutely lit up by San Antonio Commanders linebacker Shaan Washington and never saw it coming. But with just about a month until Atlanta's AAF kickoff, he departed for what McKay deemed his "next endeavor", leaving Coyle to become a head coach for the first time in his career. Fans will be able to log on to an app during the games and interact with a livestreamed broadcast.