There's Going to Be a Period Emoji That Aims to Destigmatize Menstruation

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The Unicode Consortium, the organisation in charge of the world's emoji standards, has this week announced the arrival of 59 new images.

And news of the period emoji has gone down very well with the Internet with people taking to social media in their droves to express their feelings about the new e-sticker.

Other new emojis include a head of garlic, an otter, a sari and a white heart (which, according to Emojipedia, was one of the most requested emojis).

Besides the pinching hand (aka small dick energy) emoji, loads of other emojis are headed to your phone later this year.

The new emojis should be available on smartphones in March.

A "period emoji" will be included in the upcoming release of new smartphone images, after almost 55,000 people weighed in to support a campaign aimed at destigmatizing menstruation.

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Disability-themed emojis will be the biggest addition to this year's new batch of approved emojis. But don't expect to see the latest offering on your keyboard just yet.

Religion: You'll now see a Hindu temple in this year's list.

If you've been frustrated because there's not a sloth emoji, the Unicode Consortium has come to your rescue.

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. You'll now have access to drop of blood, adhesive bandage, and stethoscope to describe your pain, in case you fall over a wooden chair (a new emoji) or fall victim to an axe (also a new one).

She added: 'An emoji isn't going to solve this, but it can help change the conversation. "We are represented in the most personal part of our lives". Up to now disability has been greatly under-represented'. Unicode also added four additional symbols that weren't in Apple's original proposal: standalone characters for probing cane, mechanized and manual wheelchairs, as well as a gender-inclusive "deaf person" emoji.

"Some people might feel like they just don't want that to define them".