Local health officials urge people to get measles vaccine

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The most recent measles death in the United States occurred in 2015, according to the CDC.

Looking into the FIC rate in the Philippines based on the annual results of the Field Health Service Information System (FHSIS) in the last 10 years prior to the Dengvaxia issue, the country has been performing satisfactorily, with the rates ranging from 67.47% (2017) as the lowest to 86.00% (2010) as the highest. She said the Washington outbreak is nearly exclusively in young children that were not vaccinated. Liberal-leaning OR and Washington have some of the nation's highest statewide vaccine exemption rates, driven in part by low vaccination levels in scattered communities and at some private and alternative schools.

Cindy Lesinger, immunization division director, Alabama Department of Public Health, said without a doubt that everybody should be vaccinated.

However, we deal with this problem again - especially in the US, Canada, and Europe, because people refuse to get vaccinated.

"If you think you or someone in your family has measles, you should call your doctor's office and check in before leaving your home, try to stay away from public places", Dr. Wilson said. Please don't give measles to babies.

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Getting the vaccine is the best way to stop the spread.

Nine out of 10 unvaccinated people who are exposed will get the disease. The call center is open daily.

Measles is a highly contagious, airborne disease caused by a virus, according to a CDC website.

Early symptoms include a fever, runny nose and malaise, followed by a rash that starts around the head and moves down the body. Between 1985 and 1992, death from measles was reported in approximately 2 out of every 1,000 U.S. measles cases, with pneumonia accounting for about 60% of these deaths, according to the CDC. On rare occasions, the virus causes encephalitis (a brain infection). Washington and NY, which has seen about 200 people infected with measles in recent months, are the only states with current outbreaks, the agency says. Disregarding a child's immunization schedule is a lame excuse of those who are not fully aware of the benefits and protection that their child can get after being vaccinated.

Doctors play a central role in educating parents and/or caregivers on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines which are recommended by regulatory authorities. One dose is 93% effective in preventing illness, and two doses gets that number up to 97%. In just Washington state, there have been more than 45 confirmed cases of measles this year alone.