Ja Rule Claims He Was Scammed In Fyre Festival Controversy

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On Sunday, Ja Rule took to his Twitter account to say that people shouldn't think they know the whole story just because they watched a documentary on both Hulu and Netflix. But with little in the way of specifics being shared, things quickly got ugly from there.

In the film, Rolle spoke candidly about her experience being burned by the festival's creator, now-convicted fraudster Billy McFarland. At the time of the event in 2017, he apologized on Twitter but still asserted it was, "NOT MY FAULT.but I'm taking responsibility". "I had an incredible vision to create a festival like no other. I would NEVER SCAM or FRAUD anyone what sense does that make???" he tweeted.

Indeed, there's so much to unpack, two documentaries on the doomed music festival, Netflix's Fyre and Hulu's Fyre Fraud, have dropped nearly simultaneously. So far, no dice on this one as far as we know. "We are 'Scam Fyre.' But that might not be the case after we fucking put our plan in play and start to spin it". "I just leave it alone because it really pains me when I have to talk about it, so I just wipe it away".

Meanwhile, it doesn't appear that Ja Rule has responded to Rolle's ultimatum. "I would call that... false advertising".

Netflix partnered with Vice Media and Fuck Jerry, both of whom were involved in the production of the festival to some extent.

"Hulu PAID BILLY!" Ja Rule explained. "Billy fired them over the phone and then he hung up the phone, I stood there and he said, 'Can you salvage this?' and I said, 'Oh my gosh, I have two weeks to come up with food service for 6,000 kids".

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To his credit, this is somewhat correct. Director, Chris Smith claimed that he wanted to be paid and said he was getting paid a certain amount to do Hulu's documentary. McFarland dodges the question, saying he will not comment on their private conversations.

McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud in October, and Ja Rule took to social media to protest his innocence following the broadcast of the Netflix documentary and the rival Hulu one, titled Fyre Fraud, last week.

Although Ja Rule was trying to save his image following the release of the documentaries, fans still weren't happy. The rapper cited the lack of FBI investigations and legal charges against him as proof that he was not the one who scammed people.

A successful GoFundMe has raised in excess of US$150,000 for Rolle as punters dig deep to help her recoup her losses and get local workers paid.

Angelo Roefaro, the press secretary for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), makes a cameo in a newly released documentary about the disastrous Fyre music festival. "I would hope he donates $100,000 so I can bless some hurting folks here in the Bahamas".

We'd certainly like to see those receipts, Mr. Rule.