Invite-only events coming to avid Pokémon Go players

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The company said that anyone detected using third-party services to cheat - like those which fake your Global Positioning System location - will find the Pokémon caught in this way 'may not behave as expected.' While Niantic didn't get any more specific than that, Redditors didn't waste any time in coming up with their own suggestions.

Pokemon Go's upcoming update will add a new feature that will mark the cheaters in the form of forwarding red slash. Niantic hopes that by marking Pokemon caught illegally, this will curb cheating in the game.

Niantic is getting more brutal in battling cheaters of Pokemon GO.

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With new features finally coming to the game and the Pokemon GO Fest just over the horizon, it would seem that Niantic is attempting to clean up the game's reputation for new and returning players. Players have found ways to spoof their location within the app, allowing them to catch Pokemon and capture gyms without ever going outside. "Starting today, Pokémon caught using third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay will appear marked with a slash in the inventory and may not behave as expected", Niantic stated.

This planned move to mark Pokemon caught illegally was confirmed in a Reddit post by a Niantic rep. He has previously written about film for Bloody Disgusting, We Got This Covered, What Culture, and The Celebrity Cafe. That said, some players swear that using cheating services make the game viable if, say, the trainer happens to live in a rural area where monster spawns are sparse.