Fortnite’s first birthday means free stuff for players

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After server lag cut the first Summer Skirmish event short a week ago, Epic Games was back to host a highly-anticipated $500,000 Solo tournament today.

Dealing 1000 damage to opponents will unlock the Fortnite Birthday! emoticon, dancing in front of ten different birthday cakes will get you the Happy Birthday! spray, and playing 14 matches will earn you 5000 XP. You can earn special birthday cosmetics by completing birthday challenges and quests in-game. To celebrate the occasion, developer Epic Games is hosting a limited time in-game event starting on July 24th which will give every player a chance to complete birthday challenges to unlock free cosmetic items.

You can look at the Polygon video that will teach you how to pull off the Fortnite giant emote glitch by looking further up the article, but if you want to test it out for yourself it shouldn't be too hard as long as you can keep switching places in the golf cart.

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Free-to-play game "Fortnite Battle Royale" recently passed the $1 billion revenue mark thanks exclusively to its in-app purchases, according to a new report from SuperData Research. From the birthday Battle Bus to the sploder husks carrying a tasty surprise, we can't wait to party with you! But if you don't want to play the game enough to unlock these perks, you can also purchase more V-bucks with real bucks, at a rate of 1,000 V-bucks for $9.99.

Save the World players will also get some fun stuff, with a birthday questline that offers a Birthday Brigade Ramirez hero.

According to a new study conducted by research firm SuperData, Fortnite has amassed over $1 billion since it was released a year ago.