USA concerned Venezuela not allowing opposition to be heard: Tillerson

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Pro-government militias, some of whose members were armed, were blamed for two deaths, including that of a teenager in Caracas who was heading to a soccer game with friends. He also said "30 masked criminal terrorists" had been arrested on terrorism charges. Vatican-mediated negotiations also broke down with the sides accusing each other of bad faith.

Wednesday's duelling marches drew parallels to the clashes between pro and anti-government protesters in 2002 that triggered a brief coup against late President Hugo Chavez. Energy Minister Luis Motta Dominguez said the boy was killed during an attempted assault. "In Venezuela, there is no peace, no justice", he said. Protesters had hoped to converge on the office of the state ombudsman, but as in previous attempts they were blocked by the National Guard.

In recent protests, security forces have fired rubber bullets and tear gas, as well as using a water cannon.

The Supreme Court reversed the decisions amid mounting worldwide pressure and after the Venezuelan Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, called the decisions "a rupture of the constitutional order". The opposition denies that assertion, saying it is Maduro himself who is responsible for Venezuela's woes, including triple-digit inflation, rising crime and food shortages.

Since then, people have been protesting for the removal of the Supreme Court Justices, the reinstatement of gubernatorial and local elections, the release of the political prisoners and ultimately, Maduro's resignation.

Seven protesters have been killed in demonstrations against Maduro's government, the BBC reported.

Opposition marchers included Liliana Machuca, who earns about $20 a month holding two jobs teaching literature.

Her face was covered in a white substance to protect herself from the nauseous effects of what she expects will be another day of dodging tear gas canisters.

"The aim of these protests is to generate a definitive change of government and institutions", protester Eduard Grosse told Al Jazeera.

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"I don t have any food in the fridge", said protester Jean Tovar, 32, who held rocks in his hands ready to throw at military police in Caracas.

Maduro, addressing supporters at a much smaller but still large countermarch of mostly state workers, said he was "anxious" to see elections take place sometime "soon" and repeated his call for dialogue, something many in the opposition see as a stalling tactic. Each time, they were turned back by riot police.

The United States is closely watching the political situation in Venezuela and is anxious the government of President Nicolas Maduro is working to silence the opposition, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Wednesday.

The center-right opposition has called for the military - a pillar of Maduro s power - to abandon him.

April 19 marks four years since Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's six-year term began-an anniversary thousands of Venezuelans are marking with massive protests throughout the country.

Wednesday's marches underscored the widening political rifts in the country, where the opposition has accused Maduro of creating a dictatorship in the last few years.

Foreign governments are also warning about the increasingly bellicose rhetoric coming from the government.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday he's concerned that Maduro's government is violating its own constitution and that he's watching the situation closely. GM called it an illegal judicial seizure of its assets.

Capriles is among the leaders organizing Wednesday's "Mother of All Protests", meant to bring together the anti-socialist opposition throughout the country to demand Maduro step down.